Shared Island Stories


Islands are conventionally associated with romantic ideas of local distinctiveness and isolation, and yet those situated off the west coast of Scotland and the Caribbean share the growing problem of coastal erosion through rising sea levels and storm intensification, as well as economic recession, depopulation and inappropriate tourism development. Shared Island Stories Between Scotland and the Caribbean: Past, Present, Future is a 5-year research project coordinated by the School of Art History at the University of St Andrews in Scotland that aims to investigate relationships between the archipelagos.

Drawing on history, heritage studies, sustainable development, art history and memory studies, the project asks: Which collections from the islands tell unfinished stories of Empire? What is the role of heritage communities for sustainable development? How can island community museums partner with NGOs, policy and local organisations and businesses for climate action? How can health and well-being be understood in relation to community heritage, traditional ecological knowledge and island life? What does this new knowledge bring to debates on climate justice, especially as they relate to the role of youth?

Research Outcomes