Research Team

Shared Island Stories is a team project coordinated by Professor Karen Brown of the School of Art History at the University of St Andrews. We have a core team of Research Fellows, PhD students, part time investigators, and a number organisations supporting the project located in Scotland and in the Caribbean, notably Harris Community Trust and Barbados Museum and Historical Society who are partners in our exciting Transatlantic Youth Exchange. The project also benefits from a strategic Advisory Board of experts from both regions.

Professor Karen Brown | Project lead and Principal Investigator for the “Present”

Bio: Professor Karen Brown

Jamie Allan Brown | Research Fellow for the “Future”

Bio: Jamie Allan Brown

Dr Heather Cateau | Senior Research Fellow for the “Past”

Holly Bynoe Young | PhD Candidate

Professor Catherine O’Leary | Institute of Memory and Identity Studies

Dr Althea Davies | School of Geography and Sustainable Development

Dr Catherine Spencer | School of Art History

Kaye Hall | Education and Community Outreach Officer, Barbados Museum & Historical Society

Michelle Cox | Theatre Arts Co-ordinator, Barbados Community College & Rhema Acts

Samuel Franco Arce | Project Advisor

Alissandra Cummins | Project Advisor

Professor Peter Davis| Project Advisor

Dr Bruno Brulon Soares | Project Advisor

Bio:Bruno Brulon Soares

Natalie Urquhart | Project Advisor

Lisa Williams | Researcher

Dr Kate Keohane | Researcher

Ana Sol Gonzalez Rueda | Researcher

John Large | Research Assistant